Jennifer Rosellen Morgan

A professional communicator, I’m a passionate and results driven marketer and copywriter who blends strategy and creativity to achieve company goals; devising on-brand innovative and imaginative solutions to communication challenges. I've worked across a number of b2b and b2c accounts within a wide range of companies on a variety of campaigns - from logistics to attractions, fintech to fitness - and just about every industry in-between! I'm immediately available for marketing communications and copywriting projects so please drop me an email:

After-School Adventurers!

Come and explore our City after school! School's out for the day – what can you do with the kids that’s creative, fun, educational and keeps them entertained until dinnertime? Bring them to KidZania London so they can become after school adventurers! You can now enjoy a fun- filled afternoon at KidZania after school! Kids can explore our child-sized City during the week, taking part in a whole host of real life role-play adventures. With more than 60 to choose from, there’s something for every

Celebrate Easter at KidZania London!

KidZania London is the UK's first educational entertainment experience for children aged 4-14 years Perfect for all the family, we’re adding an egg-citing twist to a number of our role-play adventures so be sure to hop down and experience KidZania London this Easter! Our RightZKeepers have hidden eggs throughout our City, so kids can enjoy a special Head on over to the to become a master chocolatier and receive a yummy treat! Kids can visit and get an Easter inspired face paint!

Your Invitation To Our Teacher ‘Taster’ Evening

KidZania London is the UK's first educational entertainment experience for children aged 4-14 years With more than adventures for children, KidZania’s cross-curricular educational experience will both challenge and inspire children from ages 4 to 14 in a environment. Teachers: pick your own kids up from school and  for this Zuper fun-filled or bring a colleague! experience all the adventures of KidZania, whilst the spend some time in Your 20 minute ‘detention’ is in our Theatre and you'll hear f

Snapchat: Snap Happy

As the and Twitter’s , Snapchat continues its meteoric rise in popularity. Here’s why you need to start taking it seriously. What once started as a social network squarely aimed at the younger generation, sniffed at by brands and greeted with a sort of fond bemusement from those born before the eighties, this social media powerhouse has recently in terms of daily usage. It is sailing ahead with over 150 million people each day snapping their lives, and smashing Facebook video views by hitting o

8 Reasons Breaking Up With A Friend Is So Much Harder Than With A Partner

I don’t like women. There, I said it. Now, obviously, this is a hyperbole. But the truth is, as a rule, I generally really don’t like women. Perhaps a better way to phrase it is that I just don’t get on or click with other women very often. On the magical, rare occasion where I meet and recognize a kindred spirit, a fellow little ball of weirdness also wearing too much mascara, I fall fast and hard into BFF love. I’m fiercely loyal, protective and would drop anything to be there to support you

B2B Social Media Marketing: How to make it work

Especially in B2B marketing, it’s essential to demonstrate ROI – but defining and measuring the value of social media activity is known to be challenging. The nature of the social media platforms themselves is also a deterrent: Snapchat and Vine are aimed at a younger, mobile-first generation, and thus (in the eyes of many marketers) seem to lend themselves better to B2C rather than B2B activity. Why should I use social media for my B2B marketing? Social platforms give companies a unique way...

Marketing with Oculus Rift: A new era for brands and content producers

How can you use advanced virtual reality (VR) simulators in marketing without looking like you’re just jumping on the bandwagon for the latest fad? Oculus Rift seems to have genuine value to marketers… The Oculus Rift is a new and vastly improved breed of virtual reality that can put people directly into a fully 3D, fully 360 degrees virtual world. The headset combines a screen and a gyroscope that work together to enable players to step inside their favourite games and virtual worlds, offering

Responsive Marketing: Brand Lessons from Super Bowl Sunday and other Major Events

Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest sporting event in the USA: for Superbowl XLIX (which took place on 1 February 2015), 28.4 million global tweets with terms related to the game and halftime show were sent during the live telecast while more than 65 million people discussed the game worldwide on Facebook. With such high online stakes (and opportunities) it’s not surprising that many brands have used Super Bowl and other major events to leverage their social media profiles – and one of the most...

Why your restaurant should be on Instagram

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network with 100 million monthly active users, 40 million photos shared per day, 60,000 comments posted per minute, and 8,500 photo ‘likes’ per second. Instagram is undoubtedly a social media powerhouse – and especially restaurants have found Instagram the perfect platform for constant engagement. Restaurants who are already killing it on the platform include Pizza Express (read more about their social strategy in this great SocialBro interview) and
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